The following are just a few quotes from actual Rhino Safe Company customers:

I have been a proud owner of one of your 600ML safes for the past 6 years and couldn’t be happier with its performance in keeping my valuables safe from the unexpected. Last November, our family was victim of a house fire which completely incinerated it to the ground. Though we weren’t able to salvage much from it, my Bighorn 600ML did an outstanding job of keeping my firearms and other valuables safe from the fire for 60 minutes of extreme heat and even held up to 4 inches of standing water for a week after the fire department extinguished the fire.

After the clean up I took the time to inspect my firearms and found there to be minimal carbon deposits from the smoke of the fire and zero heat damage to my firearms, which included some old ones passed down to me from my father. Additionally, after taking them to the range, they still shoot just as accurately as before the fire. What a relief! I am so pleased with the performance of your safes that I would not only like to purchase a new one, but upgrade to the Bighorn 6039 as soon as possible.

My son, who is proudly serving in our nations Navy, is also in the market for his first safe. He too was so impressed with the performance of your products that he would like to purchase the same safe which went through the fire, a Bighorn 600ML.

From the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank you for the outstanding performance of your safes. I am looking forward to once again being a proud owner of such a fine piece of equipment.

Best Regards,
David R.

5 out of 5 Great Gun Safe, A Must Have!

Pros: heavy, nice finish, great interior carpet
Cons: none
“This is a great gun safe. It is super heavy which is nice and is made with high quality material. The company is super nice and easy to work with. Very professional. The safe was shipped and arrived in no time at all (about a week and a half). I love it and it looks really nice.”

5 out of 5 wow – great safe

“I am not a safe expert at all. I did web research before buying this one.
Just received it yesterday (quick ship). For the price and what you are getting, this has to be one of the good finds out there. Very solid and HEAVY.”

5 out of 5 Great Purchase

Model Number: Big Horn B6030EL
“The unit is definitely heavy duty. Perfect size for our needs. Very impressed with quality. It was received within 10 days of placing order—WOW–did not expect such quick delivery.”

5 out of 5 Awesome Safe
“I just received my Big Horn/Rhino safe, an I’m very impressed with the workmanship (i.e. the heavier gauge steel, the 70 minute fire protection, the 100 weight difference, etc). These are features which other safes in this category/price do not have. Additionally, I was also impressed with the excellent customer service from Big Horn/Rhino’s corporate associates. I like to do my homework when purchasing big ticket items and they graciously answered all my questions, and even educated me on some things I was not aware of.”

5 out of 5 Great Safe at a Super Price
“Well built quality product and great warranty. It’s backed by the best warranty in the business. This safe is a monster and I am confident that it will protect all my items of value.”

5 out of 5 Great Value and a Great Safe
“Excellent features and value. I would certainly recommend this safe to anyone looking for a medium range safe.”

5 out of 5 Happy Customer
“Well built, plush interior, tons of room, adjustable shelves. Safe arrived in perfect condition. I am extremely pleased with this safe.”

5 out of 5 Best Purchase Ever
“Everything I wanted, excellent customer service, will answer any questions you can think of.”

5 out of 5 Outstanding!
“The quality of the safe is outstanding in and out. Buy this safe!!!”

5 out of 5 Perfect
“Exactly what I was looking for! I am extremely happy with this purchase!”

5 out of 5 Very satisfied! Neighbor’s buying the same one
“The safe itself is excellent quality and I’m completely satisfied. The finish looks good, door swings easy and bolts move easy.”

5 out of 5 WELL WORTH IT
“Heavy duty solid construction. I couldn’t be happier with this safe.”

5 out of 5 Excellent Product and Service
“We were very impressed with Rhino’s customer service. We’re very happy with our purchase.”

5 out of 5 Extremely Happy with Purchase!
“Great value, very well made, delivered on time, functions perfectly and Margaret with the customer service department was extremely helpful and courteous. I would purchase additional products from Rhino without hesitation.”

5 out of 5 A Great safe!
“This is a very substantial safe and is also cool looking. Overall, a great investment in a quality product.”

5 out of 5 Saved my guns
“Our home burned down on Christmas day this year. The room I had the safe in had a massive Crayola Crayon collection. The fireman said this room burned hotter than a normal house fire. It was 3 days after the fire before I could get into my safe. The safe did what it was designed to do, nothing on the inside burned. I will be getting another Bighorn when I get a new home.”

5 out of 5 Good looking safe and nice features
“Durable, Easy to Use, Sturdy, Stong.”

5 out of 5 I am very pleased with my Bighorn gun safe
“I love the safe. It is exactly as described. The battery installation for the electronic lock was very easy.”

5 out of 5 Very well made
“This is a excellent and well made gun safe. I bought this one because it is in the living room. It is the first thing you see when you walk into our house. It looks very nice. I highly recommend this gun safe.”

5 out of 5 This new safe is outstanding
“The quality of the exterior and interior is magnificent. This is the third safe that i have purchased and by far the best one. Thank you very much.”

5 out of 5
Residential Safe Quality Standard
I’ve read in different locations on the internet how good and how bad this safe is. The pros are reasonable some of the cons are silly.

This is a safe that can be used with a high level of effectiveness in most residential settings. It will prevent the opportunistic break-in perpetrator from getting at your valuables. It will likely limit damages to your property in the event of most residential fires. Bolt it to the floor (ideally a concrete floor) and it isn’t going anywhere.

If a thief goes to your house with the intent of defeating this safe…he may accomplish that. He would have to know in advance what type safe you have – and bring along the means to enter it. That is extremely unlikely in most residential applications. If you have guns and valuables that rise to the level that a thief would identify your residence as a target and know enough that you have valuables that make a daring safe cracking worth the risk, then get a Fort Knox Gun Vault starting at $4500 and up.

This is more than enough for my and I would argue most residential needs.

+ Pros: value priced practically efficient
– Cons: none that rise to a problem
Model Number: Bighorn Classic 19ECB
✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

5 out of 5
Well worth the $
I looked and read every review and shopped forever and finally pulled the trigger and went for it. I’m really glad I went through Costco. Good quality, excellent price and the delivery was awesome. I ordered on 7/14/14 and it was delivered to my my home on the following Friday (7/17/14) you can’t beat that service. The appointment was between 1 and 4 and the driver showed up at 1:20 unloaded the safe in my garage (short driveway) and wouldn’t accept a beverage or tip for the extra service. Just an awesome all around EXCELLENT experience!!! I’m not storing guns in my safe so i can’t tell you how well it does from that perspective but it is plenty big for what i need and use it for. It was delivered on short metal legs so I didn’t have to worry about trying to get a big wooden pallet into my place. The safe is awesome. I’ve read where some people change out the electronic lock with a combo lock instead of using the electronic lock for whatever reason (personal preference about concerns with the battery. I went out and bought a 10 year battery for less than $9.00.) When I read the warrantee, it’s voided if you change anything out. Bighorn has The Best Limited Lifetime Warranty in the Industry!!! Go ahead and shop around and I can assure you that you will make the same decision I did and you will be happy. It’s a great safe for the money you spend on it.

+ Pros: price warranty delivery, costco stands behind what they sell, you don’t like it return it
– Cons: none so far.
Model Number: 19ECB
✔ Yes, I recommend this product.