Technical Support

Below are some technical support tips that can help with some common questions. If you are still experiencing technical issues with your safe or lock please call our technical support team at 1-208-454-5545 ext 5844.

Troubleshooting Tips

1. My electronic lock beeps and flashes after every digit is pressed, but it will not lock/unlock my safe.
If your lock is accepting your combination (indicated by two beeps and flashes after the combination has been pressed) you most likely have a battery with too little current. Electronic locks are finicky when it comes to battery current. Try connecting a new unused 9V Duracell™ or Energizer™ battery with a “use date” at least four years in the future. Then, try your combination again.
If your lock gives you three beeps and flashes after the combination has been pressed, an incorrect code has been entered.

2. I’ve changed my battery to a new unused battery and the safe is still not locking/unlocking.
If you are attempting to unlock the safe, press the handle to the left while you enter your combination. Once you hear the two beeps wait for 2 seconds. Then turn the to the right to open. If you are attempting to lock the safe, turn the handle to the left until it stops,
then press and hold the handle to the left for 7 seconds before checking to see if it locked.

3. My electronic lock is randomly flashing and not allowing me to enter my combination.
You may be in lock-out mode. Do not touch anything on the keypad for a period of 10-15 minutes. (if you attempt to enter your combination while in lock-out mode, the lock-out period will be extended. Changing the battery on your keypad while in lock-out mode will also extend the lock-out period.)
After you have waited 10-15 minutes and the light stops flashing, you may then enter your combination. If it is still flashing randomly, wait up to 2 hours before trying again.

4. I am getting no response from my electronic lock.
Replace your battery with a new 9V Duracell or Energizer battery with a “use date” of at least 4 years in the future. See image below with “use date” printed on battery.

Duracell 9 volt 9volt


5. My door seems loose when closed. Is there a way to tighten this?
Doors are adjusted at the factory. Call technical support. 1-208-454-5545 ext. 5844

6. Where is my serial number located?
Your serial number is located on the back or side of the safe on one of the upper corners. It usually starts with the model number, followed by a series of numbers; also lower inside door frame and on your owner’s manual.

7. Is my safe pre-drilled for a dehumidifier?
Yes, depending on model and series you may need to back-drill through the fire lining and upholstery in order to be able to feed the wire for your dehumidifier into the hole. Some safes include an electrical outlet. Safes with this feature do not have a pre-drilled opening for a dehumidifier.

8. Should I bolt my safe down?
Your safe must be bolted down to the floor for security and safety reasons. If it was moved into your house, it can be moved out of your house by burglars unless you bolt it down. Failure to bolt your safe down voids your warranty and creates the potential for the safe to fall over or be pulled over. This could cause serious injury or death.

9. How do I bolt my safe down?
Please refer to our owner’s manual for bolt down instructions. For Rhino Safes view pg.8 and for Bighorn Safes view pg.11

10. What do I do if I have forgotten the combination to my safe?
If you have an electronic lock and have forgotten your code, you will have to have your safe drilled open by a locksmith, which could cost you over $500. To prevent this, please keep your combination in a secure location-NOT inside your safe. WE DO NOT STORE YOUR COMBINATION AT THE FACTORY.
If you have a manual lock, we may have your combination on file, however, we neither guarantee it is available nor are we responsible for keeping the information. If available, we can give the factory set combination to you with proof of purchase and identifcation. If you have since changed your combination, a locksmith must be called.

11. I can’t get the combination to work on my manual lock.
Click here to review the opening procedures.

12. How do I clean my safe?
A clean cloth dampened with water works well. Use a dusting cloth with no lint residue.

13. Is there any maintenance required on my safe?
Click here to view safe maintenance.