Security Considerations

Weight of the Safe

Our safes are 30% heavier than those of the competition. Heavier is better when it comes to a safe because heavier means we used more material in the manufacturing process. More material means more security because there’s more layers to break or burn through therefore, more security means more fire protection as well.

Anchoring to the Floor

Your safe must be bolted down to the floor for security and safety reasons. If it was moved into your house, it can be moved out of your house by burglars unless you bolt it down. Failure to bolt your safe down creates a potential for the safe to fall over or be pulled over. This could cause serious injury or death.

Electronic Locks

LaGard ElockAll Rhino and Bighorn safes are available with electronic locks. We use only high quality UL Listed type 1 electronic locks. Electric locks offer simple and fast entry, easy code changing, and the use of multiple entry codes if desired.

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