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Caldwell, Idaho, July, 1 2013

Rhino Metals, Inc., the maker of Rhino® and Bighorn® brand safes recently introduced a series of safes and gun safes, aptly named the Rhino “Ironworks” that is rapidly bringing jobs back to rural southwestern Idaho. Featuring external reinforcement plates and forged rivets on the corners and door, the safes are reminiscent of days long gone, yet feature the company’s newest and most advanced locking system. The new design is a drastic departure from what’s currently on the market and was designed that way intentionally.

“We decided to totally reimagine what a gun safe should look like. In the past, safes have always been geared only to male tastes. As a result, most women prefer that the gun safe stay in the garage or a dark corner of the basement. Our goal was to come up with a design that women and men would love and would want in their homes. To do that, we knew we had to create something that was just as much art and furniture, as security,” said Jennifer King, Vice President.

“In the last 4 months we’ve had to double our workforce to meet the demand. Over the years, a lot of manufacturing companies left the area or went out of business, so we’re grateful to be in a position to create jobs for the local economy,” said Don Suggs, President.

The company has plans for a major facilities expansion which should be completed in the next six months.

Rhino Ironworks safes are available in a variety of fire protection ratings, steel thicknesses, and sizes, ranging from small, under-the-counter safes to very large refrigerator-sized safes and vault doors.

These US made safes are hand antiqued and the interior is upholstered with distressed fabric to complement the antiqued exterior. An arrangement of holsters and pockets on the back of the door allows the customer to organize belongings for easier access. The large cast iron hand wheel, oversized hinges, and a large steel placard rivet mounted on the lower portion of the door finishes off the safes distinctive look.

Inside the door, is Rhino’s latest security innovation, the F-4™ locking system, featuring a patented tungsten carbide drill protection plate, a drive system with numerous anti-drill and anti-punch features, and a patent pending anti-tamper clutched handle.

Rhino® and Bighorn® brand safes are available through independent dealers, retailers, and e-commerce sites. For more information, visit their website at


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