Maintenance of Your Safe

The highest level of detail and attention went into the production of your safe but over time, some maintenance may be required.

Symptom Probable Cause Resolution
Stiff Operation of Hub (Handle/wheel difficult to turn) Lack of lubrication on door bolts · Extend door bolts· Wipe all door bolts

· Lubricate with silicone lubricant, or household 4-1 oil

· Call Rhino Support if symptoms continue

Handle/wheel turn with minimal force but doesn’t open Clutch may need adjustment (Rhino/Ironworks only) Call Rhino Support 208-454-5545 ext 5844
Handle/wheel retracts the bolts, but door will not open Possible internal problem Call Rhino Support 208-454-5545 ext 5844
Mechanical Lock will not spin freely Lock jammed Call Rhino Support 208-454-5545 ext 5844
Hinges make noises while opening Lack of lubrication on hinge Dab a little household 4-1 oil between the upper and lower hinges units, on both hinges. Open door back and forth to work the oil into all parts of the hinge. Wipe off excess oil.
Electronic lock will not unlock/lock


Low battery Replace old battery with new Duracell or Energizer battery with use before date with 5 year life. (refer to your owner’s manual for replacing the battery)
Side pressure on lock tang Turn hub firmly counter-clockwise, then enter combo.
Handle/wheel feels loose or wobbly Set screw in the hub is not fully tightened Tighten set screw in hub using a 4mm allen wrench.

WARRANTY REPAIRS: Repairs to your safe covered under your warranty should not be performed without the pre-authorization of a Rhino customer service representative. If there are any issues regarding your safe, please contact Rhino Safe Tech Support at (208) 454-5545, ext 5844. Solutions to frequently asked questions and issues can also be found in the Trouble Shooting Guide in your owner’s manual or on line at The cost of any repairs performed without pre-authorization will be the sole responsibility of the owner.